Facility 360


Facility 360 by Spruce Industries is a comprehensive program designed for the customer that seeks to maximize the health and welfare of their facility. Spruce combines world class cleaning products with proven cleaning procedures to create an effective, safer and sustainable cleaning system. Facility 360 starts with a through in dept audit of the entire facility. The audit is designed to identify areas of excellence and areas requiring improvement. Recommendations will follow that outline steps to improve area where required. These recommendations will enable you to achieve goals such as higher APPA scores, sustainability and the overall health of your facility. Spruce will work with your staff to implement all the recommendations with education, hands-on training and follow up. At the conclusion of this first step a re-evaluation will be done to measure your achievements towards the goal of improving the facility. The process will then begin again and continue year after year, looking at all possibilities 360°


Whether it is Green Seal, EPA's Design for the Environment, UL Environment/EcoLogo, CRI Seal, Forest Stewardship, USDA Bio-Preferred Program, LEEDS, CIMS-GB and others, you soon will realize striving to be "Green" is not so simple! With the alphabet soup of certifications and countless "self-certifications" it becomes increasing more clear how difficult it is to decide what products are the safest , healthiest and most economical for your facility. Spruce Industries can help maneuver through the "Greenwash" and put you on the path to sustainability. Spruce has on staff, ISSA Certified Experts, who can help and guide you to your sustainability goals.


Sometimes the questions are complicated and the answers are simple. Sometimes the simple tasks become complicated procedures. Sometimes a little good advice enables you to go down the correct path. Since 1965, Spruce Industries has been helping facility managers and their staff achieve cleaning excellence no matter what the size of facility or staff. Spruce Industries is your cleaning expert. Our staff offers guidance from the simple tasks, such as vacuuming, to the complex task of achieving sustainability. We offer the support you need.