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Linear Low Liners

Liner, 15x9x31 Hvy 500/cs Flat packed


$69.89   Packaged: CS  ALU 33HCL

Liners, 16x14x36, Clear, Heavy, 250/cs


$45.72   Packaged: CS  ALU 37HCL

Liner, 23x17x46 1.2mil Clear 100/cs


$35.06   Packaged: CS  ALU A174612CL

Liner, 38x60, 55 gal. Clear 100/cs


$61.58   Packaged: CS  ALU HP165815CL

15x9x23 Red IWP Printed 1.2mil 500/cs


$119.97   Packaged: CS  ALU IWP24

23x10x39 Red IWP Printed 1.2mil 200/cs


$123.25   Packaged: CS  ALU IWP40

Liner, 38x58 Black 100/cs


$32.81   Packaged: CS  ALU VCX-3858X

Liners, 38x58, Xheavy, Black, 100/cs


$38.30   Packaged: CS  ALU VCX-3858XX

Liners, 30x36 3ply X-Heavy 100/cs


$24.24   Packaged: CS  CX3036XXH

Liners, 33x39 Black 3ply 100/cs


$28.87   Packaged: CS  CX3339XXH

Liners, 38x58 Heavy Duty 100/cs Black


$37.46   Packaged: CS  CX3858XH

Liners, 38x58 3ply X-Heavy 100/cs Black


$49.44   Packaged: CS  CX3858XXH

SPRUCE INDUSTRIES | Solutions, Support, Sustainability

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Spruce Industries provides the highest level of solutions, support and sustainability for all of your janitorial supply products, cleaning supplies, tools and equipment needs.

Sometimes the questions are complicated and the answers are simple. Sometimes the simple tasks become complicated procedures. Sometimes a little good advice enables you to go down the correct path. Since 1965, Spruce Industries has been helping facility managers and their staff achieve cleaning excellence no matter what the size of facility or staff. Spruce Industries is your cleaning expert. Our staff offers guidance from the simple tasks, such as vacuuming, to the complex task of achieving sustainability. We offer the support you need.

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